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Proven System to Regain Your Health Naturally - Part II

OUR VISION is to have Wellness Warriors in all communities helping to disrupt the current Healthcare Crisis, and

OUR MISSION is to educate, train, and develop Wellness Warriors in our communities on how to regain control of their health naturally without drugs and surgery and gain health independence for the rest of their life!"

How many of us really have the correct knowledge about how to lead a disease free life and APPLY the correct knowledge to our daily living?

Have you noticed that we work ignoring our health to earn money in our early ages, and we spent almost all we earned to get back our health in older age?! Today, we can see people suffer from lots of chronic diseases. Just check with your close friends or relatives how many of them are having BP, cholesterol, arthritis, asthma, cardio vascular disease, etc. and at what age? I am telling this because, we cannot ignore reality anymore.

We do not think or plan for our health 10 years, 5 years or even 1 year down the line. Why not plan for our own health if we think it’s necessary to plan for our own finance?

Health is not automatic. We need to plan for it as we live through our lives.

Today’s technology has allowed us to have easy access to mind-boggling numbers of different health information and regimes, which add even more confusion to our health choices. So how do you know what I’m telling you here is the correct information? I let the results speak. When you visit our clinic, you will see numerous testimonials from the people whose lives we have helped to heal and transform.

So what do we do differently to produce consistent results to help people reach their health goals? In summary, we have developed a system to not only be a healthcare provider, but also be a wellness adviser to our patients by offering practical recommendations on how to stay healthy specific to each person’s body.

Our system combines a 3,000-year old time-proven solution, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the current technology. In order to achieve optimized living, the following five components of health must all be addressed.  You may have tried to improve your health through diet or exercise or by taking hormone replacement therapy and gotten some results, but only to see your efforts stall, become stagnant, or maybe even tum in the wrong direction. It is because you didn’t address all the components of health.

Nervous System - The nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, control the overall function of the body. The brain is to the body as the CPU (central processing unit) is to a computer.  We use acupuncture with a specific technique to help you with this component of health.Organs/Glands (Hormones) - When we speak about organ and glandular function, we usually refer to their function at the hormonal level. All the organs and glands of our body serve very important purposes within the overall function of the body. This is why we always recommend maintaining health and practicing wellness in order to optimize the function of the systems of the body. We test, not guess. We use Functional Pulse Diagnosis in conjunction with modern technology to run certain tests to assist us in structuring the specific health plan for each person.Detoxification - A proper and complete detoxification system does not simply consist of a bowel cleanse as many people believe. All of the detoxification system pathways must be addressed in a proper method to ensure optimal function and improve overall health. Then they must be maintained and nurtured to provide assurance that bodily functions work at an optimal level.Nutrition - Optimal health must include proper nutrition. Proper diet, supplementation and fluid intake are a must. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be bland.  Good nutrition is full of flavor and exciting recipes.  Good whole foods that burst with flavor are at our fingertips.Motion/Exercise - Our body was meant to move. It is meant to be in motion.  When we neglect our body and don’t exercise it, we begin to break down, lose muscle tone, become weak and flaccid and we suffer.

By focusing on all five components of health, you will allow your body to maximize its healing potential and its growth. This is an ongoing lifestyle change and not a temporary side path. Our wellness system can help you target your health needs that allow you to perform at an optimal level for life.

Health IS wealth and our body is more precious than the car we drive. If it’s necessary to plan for our wealth and it’s necessary to take our car to get it serviced by an expert, then what kind of care should we give our own body?


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